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You only pay for what you store!

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Hassle free storage

 Our Spare Room offers students a simple, cheap, hassle free solution for storing your belongings over the summer from only £1 per week per box. 

 We give you boxes for free, collect them from your current address and will deliver them back to your new home at the start of next term. 

Get an instant quote

 Use our instant quote system to see how cheaply you can store your things this summer. 

 You can choose between our supplied FREE boxes, your own suitcases & boxes and you can also store your bike. 

 If you have any other items you want to store, contact us and we can give you a quote. 

How it works

 Place an order online and pay a £30 deposit. 

 We will deliver your empty boxes on your selected box delivery date for you to pack. 

 We collect your storage on your selected collection date, your card will be charged the remaining amount due for storage. 

 On your selected delivery date after the summer, we will deliver your belongings back to you. 

UK shipping only £20 per item

 Finished University? Congratulations!

 Don't worry about having to carry all your belongings back to the family home, let us take away all the hassle with our new UK wide shipping service. 

 For a fixed price of £20 per item (box or case) (OSR boxes supplied for FREE by us), we will arrange for your belongings to be delivered straight home. 

 Head to our shipping page to submit your details.