How it Works


We Deliver empty boxes for you to pack

Order 1 or 2 more than you think you'll need. You only pay for what you store


We Collect and Store your belongings

This is when the full remaining payment is made


We Deliver to your new address 

You can edit these details within your account


When you order

We require all of your contact details and dates for your free box delivery, your collection and the date you want your items delivered back.

You pay a £30 deposit, we send you a confirmation email stating your quoted price (remember you ONLY pay for what you store).

We deliver your FREE OSR boxes (51x41x31cm) on the date you select.

On your collection date we pick-up your items. Your card will be charged the remaining storage fee (minus the deposit).

After the summer, we deliver your items back to your new address.

Payment methods

You can pay using most major credit & debit cards, Mastercard, Amex, Visa.

A deposit of £30 is required to place your order.

Payment must be made in full (storage cost less the deposit) on your collection date before the summer holidays.

Making changes to orders

You only pay for what you store. Our drivers will update all the details on your collection day.

When you order, we will email you the quoted price for the amount you plan to store.

You can make changes to dates via the manage my order tab in your account.