How to win this winter: Health tips

 With your Chief Student Officer, Eleana

During the holiday season, it’s easy to let your healthy habits slip as the festive meals become irresistible.

Well, I've got a newsflash for you. It's MID-JANUARY people. You can't blame your horrendously unhealthy habits on the silly season or the New Year festivities anymore. It's time, people. It's time.

When it's colder than a polar bear's toenails (yes, that is an Outkast reference), it’s more important than ever to make sure you keep up (or pick up) healthy habits to avoiding getting sick during the best time of the year.

So, as a completely unqualified nutritionist or health expert, but as a fellow student just trying to survive the British winter, here are my top tips for keeping the Australian flu* away during the big freeze:

  • During the darker months of the year, it’s hard to get the recommended amount of Vitamin D which could lead to fatigue and trouble thinking clearly. Get your daily dose of sunshine in any way you can - like getting out of bed at midday and going for a walk in shorts and a t-shirt, to soak up any ray that is strong enough to get through the grey clouds. Or, you could just take Vitamin D tablets.
  • As the months get colder and colder, you’ll often find yourself more susceptible to catching the common cold. My herbal remedy is a winner. Combine fresh lemon, ginger… and sriracha sauce tea. I know it sounds weird, but trust me: it completely clears your sinus and leaves you ready to take on the next cold days.
  • Protect your skin! Some rays of UV light can pass through clouds and still redden your skin throughout the year. Keep that sunblock out to make sure you’re keeping your skin safe and healthy. Try a day cream or moisturiser that includes SPF. And don't forget to moisturise people! That wind chill will dry your cheeks right out. Lads, that means you too! #ManGrooming
  • Don’t forget your five a day – it’s easy to want to carb-load and eat sugary snacks during the colder months, but it’s even more important at this time of year to make sure you’re eating enough fruit and veg, which naturally contain all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to fight off nasty infections and bacteria. All hail broccoli!

Stay tuned for part two in this series of blog posts, when I'll be imparting my wisdomous winter study tips upon the world.

*Other brands of flu are available.